Krista Kim Coaching


About Krista


As a Life Coach Krista assists clients in breaking through their barriers and mis-beliefs in order to transform their lives from good to great.

She is passionate about working with women on issues of career, relationship, health, empowerment, money, and life purpose.

She facilitates her clients to find their inner voice and assists them in finding clarity in their life’s purpose and passions!

Krista is trained in Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and Reiki.

Krista is also a podcast host and co-creator of the very popular, Holy Fuck Podcast!

With two divorces of her own, Krista discovered that part of her life’s work was to share the tools she learned to come out the other side of her divorce whole, healed and empowered to create a new life.

Krista is the creator of Bridge To You: Your Soul’s Journey Through Divorce, a 33-day, online program, helping clients ride the waves of emotion through their divorce in a soul-centered, loving manner. 


Krista holds a BA in Music Education from James Madison University and began her career as a music teacher in Beverly Hills Unified School District. She was then fortunate enough to stay-at-home, raise three beautiful children, all while continuing her passion for music by founding a non-profit children’s theatre, The Ojai Youth Entertainers Studio (OYES), in Ojai, CA.

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My Philosophy


I believe we are Divine Beings having a Human experience

  • I believe we all signed up for our own, individual curriculum in this Earth school.
  • All of us have our own spiritual teachers (parents, children, friends, co-workers) who show up in our lives to teach us poignant lessons for our journey.
  • I believe in miracles. Not the shiny ones you hear about in tabloids, but every day miracles of turning hate into love, fear into courage, and separateness into oneness.
  • I believe we have an Inner Counselor (intuition, Spirit, God, Little Voice in your Head) that is constantly guiding us along our journey. Our job is to attune to hearing it.
  • I believe we are all Light Beings, here to more deeply expand consciousness of the planet.
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