My Personal Healing Journey

Six months after my kundalini experience, I was diagnosed with a severe case of hyperthyroidism. All four of my levels were way too high. Of course the doctors wanted to immediately put me on medication but my intuition said, “NO!” Instead, I went to an acupuncturist for the first time. At the end of one of my appointments, the acupuncturist, who is very intuitive said, ”The thyroid can be related to anger and humiliation.” I quickly told him that "Nope, I don't have any anger left after my “Spiritual experience.”

However, five minutes later as I was driving home, an acquaintance popped into my head and I heard myself say, “That motherfucker! What an asshole…blah, blah, blah.”

There it was. The anger reared its ugly head.

When I got home, I got to work figuring out the root of this anger. I did a nice, long free-form writing exercise where I purged my mind of ugly thoughts and moved into self-forgiveness around them. Then I started listing every moment in my whole life where I had experienced humiliation. This ranged from bedwetting as a child, getting caught lying to a teacher, to going through a divorce in my mid-20’s. As I forgave myself for all of the judgments and mis-beliefs that I had been carrying with me all of these years, I felt the anger, hurt and humiliation subside. Instinctually, I rubbed my hands together, making them warm, and held them over my thyroid (right about the collarbone). I prayed. I blessed my thyroid for being perfect and for all of the hardship of carrying my hurts for all of these years. I cried. I slept.

That night, I woke in the middle of the night in severe pain. My husband was terrified as I sat there, writhing in pain. I told him I was really sorry, and I know it might be weird, but I needed to scream, shake, and writhe in order to deal with the searing fire that felt like it was shooting out of my thyroid. I held my throat and yelled until a couple of hours later, I collapsed in exhaustion. I slept through most of the next day and when I woke, I had an inner knowing that my thyroid would be cured.

Two weeks later I went to the specialist and demanded to have my levels re-checked before going on medication. The doctor smugly looked at me, as if I was crazy to think that my thyroid had spontaneously healed. (To be clear, I didn’t tell my whole story to the doctor, only that I had been going to acupuncture and I thought it was feeling better.) The doctor felt my thyroid with a “Hmph! What was the measurement of her thyroid at her last appointment?” The nurse replied with an answer that surprised him. Next he took my blood pressure, “What was her blood pressure at her last appointment?“ Again, the nurse replied with an answer that surprised him. After a couple more small tests, the doctor looked at me and said, “You are kind of an anomaly. I will order you another round of blood tests."

When the results came back, two of my levels had moved down into normal range, one level was just shy of being in the normal range, and only one level remained out of normal range. Now, two years later, all of my thyroid levels are normal and healthy without the use of medication.

This experience led me to take the third year program at the University of Santa Monica called, “Consciousness, Health and Healing.” Through this course work, I gained greater clarity about the mind/body connection and how our emotions directly correlate with our health. I know first hand that by me clearing some unresolved issues in my consciousness, I was able to release physical energy from my body, allowing for self-healing to occur. Now I don't suggest that all illness can be cured from emotional clearing, but I do know that it can ease suffering and alleviate symptoms. To my core, I know my life's work includes helping others to find more joy and peace so they can live long, HEALTHY lives.

Krista Kim