'Cause Breaking Up Is Hard to Do!

Going through a breakup can be hard. It’s a time when people isolate themselves due to grief, shame and embarrassment. It becomes a time to reassess future desires and process what’s happening to their lives. At least that is what I did.

Fortunately, when I went through my most recent breakup, I had powerful self-processing tools from my Masters in Spiritual Psychology Program (with an Emphasis on Consciousness, Health, and Healing), and I had the experience of having created the “Bridge to You: Your Soul’s Journey Through Divorce” online program. These experiences gave me the know-how to process my breakup and survive this challenging time. And of course I got a lot of great inspiration to write THIS new journey.

I created the Bridge to You: Your Soul’s Journey Through Breakups, as a way of sharing my journey, learnings, and healing processes so that others may find comfort during their breakup. It is not a religious journey but it does seek to connect you with a higher power. That is The Bridge I’m referring to! 

This process saved my sanity and gave me a loving way through the devastating emotions I experienced during my breakup. I didn’t just survive my breakup. I came out the other side whole, healed, and ready to love again. Amazingly enough, my ex and I got back together after I finished this program and have since created a thriving, more heart-centered relationship. These tools make miracles happen! I hope the Bridge to You Journey does the same for you!

Krista Kim