My Journey Through Divorce


Going through divorce can be isolating. It’s a time when people pull away from family, friends, and their current support systems due to shame and embarrassment. It becomes a time to process what’s happening to their lives. At least this was true for me.

Fortunately, I found myself working on my Masters in Spiritual Psychology with an Emphasis on Consciousness, Health, and Healing, as I began my own divorce process. This gave me powerful tools to survive this challenging time. I came to understand that my life’s work includes helping others through this very common experience.

My actual divorce credentials, however, come from my real life experience. I am a child of divorced parents. My family has over thirty divorces in two generations, including two divorces of my own. I used Spiritual Psychology to examine and heal this prevalent family pattern not just for myself, but for my children and grandchildren as well. Ultimately I found myself not only processing my emotions but helping my children process their challenges as well. 

I created the Bridge to You: Your Soul’s Journey Through Divorce, as a way of sharing my journey, learnings, and healing processes so that others may find comfort during their divorce. It is not a religious journey but it does seek to connect you with a higher power. That is The Bridge I’m referring to! 

This process saved my sanity and gave me a loving way through the traumatic emotions I experienced during my divorce. I didn’t just survive my divorce. I came out the other side whole, healed, and inspired to create a new life. I hope the Bridge to You journey does the same for you!

Krista Kim