Learn to Handle the Bumps of a Breakup with this Nurturing 33-Day Practice

Of course no one wants to spend 33 days straight thinking about their BREAKUP.  Sounds like a drag!

But the alternative is years and years of lingering emotional baggage weighing down your new life!

Jump start your SINGLE life with tools to clear emotional charge, find your voice, and reframe the negatives into life transforming action.

Freedom awaits you on the other side of The Bridge!

Going through a breakup can be hard. It’s a time when people isolate themselves due to grief, shame and embarrassment. It becomes a time to reassess future desires and process what’s happening to their lives. At least that is what I did..... Read more...

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Benefits of the Bridge to You Journey...

  • A Daily Practice lesson for centering and connecting to your higher power that can be used even after the BTY journey is complete

  • Daily Journaling prompts to inspire reflection, honesty, and healing

  • Tools of Spiritual Psychology that can be used to work through past and future upset

  • A prayer and forgiveness mantra to call upon in times of challenge

  • A structure to support your renewed sense of Self

  • A more peaceful experience of your breakup

  • A more joyful perspective on your life

  • Healing on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual

  • A tool to reintegrate your past, present self and future selves

  • Integrate and understand the importance of a nurturing, self-care practice

This Course Will Help You:

  • Understand how your breakup is serving your spiritual curriculum

  • Accept your experience as one specifically designed for your spiritual growth

  • Identify, Process, Accept and Release emotions: upset, fear, pain, guilt, shame, rage, power retrieval, anger, blame etc.

  • Surrender your upsets to a higher power

  • Reconnect to desires you may have abandoned

  • Identify and forgive your mis-beliefs and judgments around relationships, divorce, marriage, commitment and your ex-partner

  • Shift the way you experience your breakup

  • Shift the way you interact with your ex, family, and friends

  • Retrieve your personal power

  • Create a new vision for your life that feels loving, nurturing and whole

What's Included?

  • 33 Daily Journaling prompts

  • Guided Mediations

  • Healing processes on Self-forgiveness

  • Inspirational stories designed to open your heart

  • Ideal Scene work

  • Introduction to some of the following Spiritual Psychology Tools:

    • Projection

    • Identifying Mis-beliefs

    • Acceptance

    • Ownership

    • Forgiveness

    • Prayer, Mantras, and Affirmations

    • Reframing your situation as a blessing

    • Family Patterning

    • Self -Care

How Does it Work?

Starting on Monday, and continuing for the next 33 days, you will receive daily emails with journaling prompts and processes that are to be completed each day. Orders must be placed by Sunday in order to begin on Monday. Orders placed on Monday will begin the following Monday.

If you happen to miss a day, don’t worry. The lessons will remain in your inbox so that you can double up and catch up the next day. In fact, you are welcome to go back and repeat the 33-day process as many times as you want for future healing!

Bridge to You can also be purchased with 2 personal coaching sessions for and additional $300. These 2 one-hour phone sessions are supportive and extremely valuable in working through blocks, confusion, and extreme emotions that might become present during your journey.


Start Your Journey Now!

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Disclaimer: Bridge To You is not a substitute for therapy but a gentle, nurturing
program that can assist you in reclaiming some of the forgotten pieces of yourself.

Holy Cow! This program is AMAZING! I was suffering from so much grief after my breakup that I could barely get out of bed. I wasn’t sure what to do to get myself out of the doom and gloom until I heard about the Bridge to You Breakups Journey. What a blessing not to have to leave my house to get the tips and techniques to get myself out of my depression. If you are hurting from your breakup, do not wait another day to start this journey! You won’t regret it! I feel so alive now! Thank you Krista!
— Christina, Santa Barbara, CA
I thought I had overcome the pain from my breakup but when I found myself resisting dating again, I knew I had some healing to do. I’m so glad I found the BTY Breakups Journey because it has freed me from my mis-beliefs around men and my ex-partner and it has me excited to enter the dating scene again. With the help of this program I was able to create the most incredible Ideal Scene for my future partner. I can’t wait to start my search now that I am clear of the past and prepared for the possibilities of new love! Yay!
— Samantha, Ventura, CA

About Krista

As a Life Coach Krista assists clients in breaking through their barriers and mis-beliefs in order to transform their lives from good to great.

She is passionate about working with women on issues of career, relationship, health, empowerment, money, and life purpose and passions!

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