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Learn to Ride the Waves of Divorce
with this Nurturing 33-Day Practice

The journey through divorce can be isolating. Shame and embarrassment cause people to pull away from family, friends and support systems.

Krista's unique 33-Day Bridge to You program gives you the skills and tools to help navigate what’s happening in your life during your journey through divorce.

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Two Gals on the Prowl for Enlightenment, Sex, and all things Holy.



Curious About Coaching?

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Discovery sessions explore how we can work together to:

  • Connect with your heart’s deepest desires.
  • Lead a Purpose-Full life.
  • Accept what is. Transform what isn’t!
  • Tap into Your Intuition.
  • Let go of fear. Love more. Dream Big!
  • Find God. Your Way. Your Flavor.

(Coaching and Discovery Sessions available in-person, by phone & via video chat)

About Krista

As a Life Coach Krista assists clients in breaking through their barriers and mis-beliefs in order to transform their lives from good to great.

She is passionate about working with women on issues of career, relationship, health, empowerment, money, and life purpose and passions!

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Krista Kim Coaching
Ojai, California. 

Coaching and Discovery Sessions available in-person, by phone or via video chat.

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