My Healing Journey


Do you struggle with Health Challenges? Excess weight? Chronic Illness? Work with me to co-create a plan for Your Ultimate Health! YOUR version of a healthy life will become YOUR formula for Gold.


I will share with you my journey from illness to health, medication free, by shifting, lifting and moving stored, emotional trauma, up and out! It's not miracle work.  


At the beginning of my spiritual journey, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.  Work with me and I will share how I used the Alchemist's Toolbox to work through stored emotions that were ultimately making me ill.  By shifting, lifting and moving it up and out, I went from extremely high levels to normal range within 1 year with no medication.  I'm not advocating that anyone go off their medication but I am saying that YOU have the capability to ease the physical symptoms of illness by clearing stored, emotional trauma.