My Passion for Empowerment


 I feel very strongly about uplifting the consciousness of women, and work to remind ALL women (women of color, indigenous, dis-abled, all religions, LGBTQ) of the incredible powers they possess.  Tapping into the Divine Feminine means remembering who we are and who our sisters are.  The Divine Feminine is creative, wise, connected, restorative, life, renewal, sensual, sexual, healing, compassionate, understanding, open, loving, nurturing, forgiving, birth, intuition, and harmony.  We are the Earth, the Moon, The Sky, The Sun, The Ocean.  We are daughters, mothers, wives, business owners, Alchemists, Angels, Mermaids, and Goddesses. When we embody all of these qualities, we truly step into our Power as women. All women, as equals, as One.

I am passionate about helping us all remember our true natures so that we can work together to change the energy of the planet and shift the consciousness of every living organism.

 One specific way I like to effect change is by working with women who are going through divorce or who have gone through divorce.  My personal struggles of balancing my truth, desires, and goals, with those of my children and husbands’ (and now boyfriends') have been challenging.  I constantly played the martyr, putting my desires aside for what I believed was in support of my husband and children.  However, underneath martyrdom, I discovered a great fear of stepping forward in my life, claiming my biggest, heart-felt dreams, and risking failure.  Instead, I played small. When my 15 year marriage ended, and I was left to reinvent myself, I had to move through some very scary feelings of unworthiness, fear, anger (mostly at myself for being what I perceived as a coward), and the biggest one of all, “It’s not FAIR!!!” 

By moving through those feelings, (honestly it’s a daily practice of reminding myself that those feelings aren’t the truth of who I am), I realized that I am surrounded by women experiencing the same thing.  I had to use my “Alchemist Toolbox” to clear my consciousness of old stories I had told myself, mis-beliefs I had bought into, and the ultimate in healing, Acceptance and Forgiveness.  So many women are waking up to the fact that they have turned their lives over to everyone else’s whims, negating their own.  By working with the Alchemist's Toolbox, we can restore your sense of self, reclaim your power, and create YOUR dream life (not the one everyone else thinks you should live!). 

If I had to pick an overall “theme” of my life, it would be one of abandonment.  This sense of abandonment has led to a life of never feeling good enough and certainly not brave enough to go for my heart’s deepest desires.  My cowardliness led to a pattern of investing in other people’s lives instead of feeling valuable enough to invest in myself.  This all changed after graduating from the University of Santa Monica with a Masters in Spiritual Psychology where I received the much needed tools and skills to effectively move beyond my fear-based thought processes to a more empowered, heart-centered way of being.  My greatest revelation was how I felt abandoned by Spirit and in the end, I had abandoned myself.  Taking the responsibility for abandoning myself was the most empowering moment of my life!  No longer was it okay to put myself last or continue to play small.  The only one who could change my life was me!

Another powerful lesson I learned from the principles of Spiritual Psychology is to stop defining myself as only one aspect of my being.  Throughout my many stages of life, I have morphed into different versions of myself, continuously updating my "title."  From daughter to college student, from student teacher to teacher, from wife to mother, etc., I find it curious that I never retained my previous title once I moved on to the next stage in life.  For example, as a child and young adult I loved to dance and sing.  Why did I stop calling myself a dancer and singer just because I turned 23 and became a public school teacher? Why did I find it necessary to drop the title of teacher once I became a stay-at-home mom?

 My journey led me to come into acceptance on many aspects of my life.  One of them is this:

I am Krista Nichol Roberson Kim.

I am a mother.

I am a wife.

I am a divorcee.

I am a girlfriend.

I am a music teacher.

I am a graduate of USM.

I am a spiritual seeker.

I am a personal and professional life coach.

I am a songstress.

I am a dancer.

I am an actress.

I am a director.

I am a comedienne. (because I think I’m funny, that’s why!)

I am a writer.

I am a business woman.

I am a loyal friend.

I am an artistic director.

I am human.

I am you.

I am whole.

I am energy.

I am crass.

I am holy.

I am blessed.

I am light.

I am love.


As much as I love who I am right now, I look forward to continuously adding to this list!  Never again will I limit myself into a single title.  As your coach, I look forward to helping you uncover and OWN all of your many talents and titles, and most importantly LET GO of any mis-beliefs or challenges that are holding you back from accepting all of the magnificent “gold” that makes you, YOU!