My Philosophy

  • I believe we all signed up for our own, individual curriculum in this Earth school.  

  • All of us have our own spiritual teachers (parents, children, friends, co-workers) who show up in our lives to teach us poignant lessons for our journey.  

  • I believe in miracles.  Not the shiny ones you hear about in tabloids, but every day miracles of turning hate into love, fear into courage, and separateness into oneness. 

  • I believe we have an Inner Counselor (intuition, Spirit, God, Little Voice in your Head) that is constantly guiding us along our journey.  Our job is to attune to hearing it.

  •  I believe we are all Light Beings, here to more deeply expand consciousness of the planet.

  •  I believe we are Divine Beings having a Human experience.


The voice that U hear is the alchemy of UR mind. – Prince