"Krista is one of my most favorite people to work with through life's twists and turns. She has the unique gift of bridging the mystical world with the practical. Krista so naturally takes deep spiritual lessons and offers easy to grasp ideas to apply in the now. 

Simply : She is real, honest, and straightforward while being highly intuitive and an extraordinary healer. Krista is a true gift. "

Jamie Luner


"I had a session with Krista not too long ago, and have met her a couple of other times as well. She has this remarkable ability to be so massively present. She showed up and held space for me when I didn't even think there was that much room in the first place! She has razor sharp intuition, a powerful yet soft goddess energy, and a refreshing sense of humor and lightness to compliment the heavy nature of the work. She is extraordinary, and I am so so grateful that I've had the opportunity to be in her care. Thank you beautiful Krista."

Isolde Restrepo

Los Angeles, CA




"The famous saying, "When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear." (Author unknown) This is so true in how I connected with Krista. Krista has changed my world. She has encouraged me, shifted my perspective, taught me to see through soul centered eyes, and most of all lifted me to heights my subconscious didn't know existed. I have learned how to forgive myself and others, to love a person's soul not their actions, and that there are NO MISTAKES. It's impossible to get this life wrong.  

We've even begun implementing a plan for me to finally write that book I've always wanted to write. I can't wait to see where we venture to next. I am forever grateful that I reached out to Krista. Not only is she a friend, but she is a beacon of light for me, my soul, & my future!"  

Jamie Slifka-Tragle

Forever Student of Life

Home-based Counselor,MHP