Our minds can drive us crazy looking for reasons why “X,Y,Z” is happening in our lives and often times this keeps us trapped in the exact circumstance that we are trying to find our way out of! Energy healing goes straight to the source of the issue. I find it interesting that we have scientific proof that our bodies are made up of energy and yet even to this day, energy healing (ex: Reiki) is thought to be New Age or woo-woo. Although that is a common belief, there is also much forward momentum in the curative effects of Reiki being embraced in hospitals, cancer centers, pediatric units, nursing homes, etc. Even though medical science hasn’t figured out a way to quantify these positive effects, my view is this, “What could it hurt to have someone sending your body/mind/spirit loving, compassionate, tender, light-filled blessings? I know when I’m not feeling good, a beautiful hug from a loving friend feels more restorative than all the Nyquil on the planet.

Illness is a part of our delicate, inner guidance system that directs us toward our individual healing opportunities. The majority of my coaching entails working with discovering the source of our upsets, however, I believe we must also support the healing of the body that has "housed" all of that stuck energy, (hurt, anger, resentment, hate, abuse, etc.) freeing it up and allowing it to release from our cells, DNA, bones, muscles, etc. Energy healing is one more tool in the “Alchemist Toolbox” that you can continue to use in your own self-care, even after your coaching sessions with me have come to an end.


"My belief is that illness is part of a delicate, inner guidance system directing us towards healing."~ Krista Kim