Bridge To You Course: Breakups

Bridge To You Course: Breakups

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I created the Bridge to You: Your Soul’s Journey Through BREAKUPS, as a way of sharing my journey, learnings, and healing processes so that others may find comfort during their BREAKUPS.

It is not a religious journey but it does seek to connect you with a higher power. That is The Bridge I’m referring to! 

This process saved my sanity and gave me a loving way through the traumatic emotions I experienced during my divorce. I didn’t just survive my divorce. I came out the other side whole, healed, and inspired to create a new life. I hope the Bridge to You journey does the same for you!

You also have the option to upgrade the 33-day BTY course with 2 one-hour phone coaching sessions with Krista for and additional $300. These phone sessions support you and are extremely valuable in working through blocks, confusion, and extreme emotions that might become present during your journey.

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